MRI Power Users at the IUC Client Showcase!

MRI Power Users at the IUC Client Showcase!

There is no greater form of advocacy than a client who wants to share all the reasons they love using MRI Software products with their peers. At the recent MRI International Users Conference in Nashville, one of the major highlights was the Client Showcase, in which three power users of MRI Software shared their success stories. In case you missed it, here are the main takeaways of each:

MRI Software UsersPhillips Edison & Company

Phillips Edison & Company (PECO) wanted to make their business processes easier through the use of standard reporting, capital tracking, marketing data, lease processing, and more. Using MRI Software as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, they implemented Commercial Management, General Ledger, Job Cost, LeaseFlow, Viewpoint, Reporting, and Center Dashboard. This resulted in a streamlined business process and the creation of a single source of the truth.

MRI Software UsersPeel Group

Peel Group is a leading UK infrastructure, transport, and real estate investor, managing more than five billion euros in investments. Before upgrading to Version X, they were self-hosted with eight databases, more than 300 users, and a heavily customized solution. In the process of upgrading, they were able to achieve all of their goals, including a merge of databases, implementation of a virtual site, and the move to SQL 2014 on virtual servers, all with minimal interruption to business. Now, purchase orders and General Ledger are fully on web, data has been merged, and they are multi-currency enabled.

Rose AssociatesMRI Software Users

With more than a million lines of code, a thousand unique programs, and 12 integrations, Rose Associates was using a proprietary system that was configured to
meet their client’s needs. They came to MRI because they needed a dynamic and flexible environment to allow growth, as well as the ability to control integrations and data exchanges. What became known as “Project 360” consisted of the implementation of Version X, the integration of Partner Connect and MRI Information Exchange (MIX), and the reporting capabilities through MRI Application Exchange (MAX). Rose Associates successfully went live on Version X in January 2016.

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