Modernize your commercial property marketing with Findspace from MRI Software

Like many aspects of the real estate industry, the process of leasing commercial properties has shifted to the digital space. In today’s market, tenants expect quick and easy access to your property information – including listing details, photos, and virtual tours – on any device they might be using. Delivering great experiences that meet these expectations can be tough on marketing teams, requiring constant contact with brokers and prospects as well as cross-department collaboration that can slow the process down.

Marketing your commercial space in the digital age should be as easy for you as it is for your prospects. With Findspace from MRI Software, you can present all your available properties to brokers, prospects, and other viewers on your own website in an engaging format.

Showcase your commercial portfolio to brokers and prospects

Brokers have come to rely more and more on online tools to help them connect leasing agents to properties that suit their needs, and making sure these brokers are able to see information on your available properties is crucial. Findspace gives commercial owners and managers the ability to display the full breadth of the portfolio to brokers in an easy-to-use, searchable format.

Findspace cuts down on manual marketing as it gives website visitors the ability to search for properties by location, square footage requirements and asset type to sort through your portfolio – all in a platform that integrates directly with your brand website. By uploading all photos, video footage, and virtual 360° images into the platform, Findspace organizes the property information and develops easy to read listings, complete with auto-generated brochures that brokers can download and customize for their own needs.

When it comes to keeping prospects up to date on your portfolio, your marketing team wants to ensure that the right people can see all the necessary property information both today and in the future, which is why brokers can use the Findspace platform on your website to “subscribe” to different properties based on asset type, location, and more. From that point on, they’ll receive alerts whenever there are new updates to that space.

Bridge information gaps between internal teams

In addition to presenting all your necessary portfolio data to brokers and prospects who might be interested, Findspace gives you full control over that data in one centralized tool, allowing you to pick and choose what gets pushed out publicly and when. Manage your buildings in the environment by selecting and deselecting what properties you want to show. If you have a space that might have a vacancy in the future, you can use Findspace to identify when that space will be available and then schedule a posting for that time.

When all the information for these properties is pulled into the Findspace content management system, you’ll have effectively established a link between the marketing team and the leasing team, with each team having easy access to the data. All the information stays in an internal-facing, secure environment that allows easy access from across the business.

In an age when commercial real estate is becoming more of an online process, Findspace brings your leasing operations into the digital space in a way that’s easy-to-use for your marketing team, your leasing team, and your prospects. Learn more about Findspace in this demonstration.


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