How to have an effective property management meeting

How to have more efficient property management meetings

Property management meetings are an essential part of running a successful property management business.

Meetings are a great way to come together as a group to share ideas and information. When used effectively, meetings are an excellent opportunity to discuss progress, identify areas for improvement, and plan for the future.

However, property management meetings can quickly go downhill if they do not follow a set agenda, are time-consuming, and are not managed efficiently. If your property management employees feel that their time could be better spent elsewhere, the overall productivity of the meeting will be negatively impacted.

In this blog, we discuss 5 tips to increase the efficiency and productivity of your property management meetings.

5 tips to create the perfect property management meeting

A perfect property management meeting is well-planned, structured, and constructive.

By creating an agenda, sticking to the allocated time and topics, and encouraging involvement by your entire team, you can ensure your meetings will be beneficial to your team and your business.

Follow these 5 tips to have more efficient and productive property management meetings.

1. Create a property management meeting agenda

Creating a property management meeting agenda will ensure an organized, efficient, and productive property management meeting.

A meeting agenda will include all important information regarding the meeting, such as the date, location, allocated time, attendees, and key topics or issues. A well-planned agenda helps to organize the meeting, ensure that all topics are covered, and keep everyone on track.

Your facilities booking system can streamline the process of creating and managing your meeting agenda. On your facilities booking system, you can schedule your meetings and book the required rooms, preventing any scheduling conflicts from affecting your meeting agenda.

On the facilities booking system, you can also share the agenda for each meeting with the team so that everyone is aware of what is scheduled and can adequately prepare. If last-minute changes need to be made or if an item needs to be added to the agenda, you can alert your team on the facilities booking system.

2. Keep an eye on time

Time management is a crucial element in running effective property management meetings.

Sticking to the allocated time in the agenda is important for your employee’s engagement and productivity in the meeting. Starting late can create the impression that you’re unprepared, while ending late can make participants feel that you aren’t considerate of their time.

Time management is also important to ensure all items on the agenda are covered within the allocated time frame. You can assign specific time limits to each topic on the agenda to ensure the meeting runs according to schedule. If a topic is taking too long, you can table it for another meeting to ensure that all agenda items are covered and the meeting concludes on time.

Time management may also be critical if your office utilizes hot desking. One of the benefits of hot desking is that your business can save space and resources, but if you go over schedule, you may eat into the time of another team’s meeting. Staying on time will ensure every team in your business can have successful meetings.

Property Management Meetings

3. Try and stay on topic

Sticking to the allocated topics in the property management team meeting agenda is crucial to the success of the meeting.

It’s common in meetings for conversations to deviate from the intended agenda. While chatting about last night’s game-winning touchdown or the latest celebrity meltdown can build rapport between your team, it can also lead to wasted time and confusion.

To avoid this, it’s essential to have a strong agenda and redirect the discussion back to the primary objective of the meeting if team members get distracted. By efficiently managing the topics discussed in the meeting, you can ensure the discussion remains focused and productive.

4. Involve all staff

To create a successful property management meeting, it’s vital to involve all staff members.

Including everyone in the property management staff meeting agenda ensures that everyone is on the same page and understands what’s going on in the business. It’s an opportunity to get feedback and insights from various perspectives, which can only benefit your business.

To encourage involvement in the meetings, you can assign specific topics in the agenda to staff members to ensure they participate productively. You can also allocate time in the meeting specifically for staff members to share their updates, thoughts, and ideas.

If your property management meetings are in-person but you have a hybrid workforce, you will need to consider your workplace flexibility. The meeting room needs to be optimized to accommodate every team member and encourage collaboration.

5. Get the team to bring ideas to the meeting

Encouraging your team to bring ideas to a meeting is a simple yet effective way to promote creativity, collaboration, and engagement with your meeting.

In your meeting agenda, you can allocate time for your staff to share their ideas or suggestions for improving the business. This can also be an excellent time for team members to bring up potential issues that others may not have considered, which can help the team prepare and avoid pitfalls.

Asking for ideas shows that you value your team members’ opinions and respect their contributions to the team. This can foster a positive team culture and improve engagement in your meetings. Be sure to implement ideas if appropriate to demonstrate that shared ideas are acknowledged.

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