Go Green!

To many of us, March 17th marks the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, where it is common to deck ourselves from head to toe in green.  The color green has been commonly associated with prosperity, hope, and springtime. Today in the real estate industry the focus may be on a different kind of “green.”

Many companies today, in and out of the real estate industry, are striving to be more environmentally sustainable in an effort to minimize the damage we are causing to the environment, also known as “going green.” At the MRI Software global headquarters, being environmentally friendly or “green” is important to us, and we want to be able to help other companies accomplish this goal as well by providing solutions to help support sustainability.

shutterstock_48208297With MRI Software’s Commercial Management, you can schedule events to email tenant statements automatically from MRI to a client specified email address. Not only will this eliminate the need for paper statements, but will also cut the time spent to process and prepare the statements in half!

MRI Software’s Tenant Connect and Resident Connect products allow the client to automate many of the communications back and forth with their occupants such as leases, statements, forms, reports, etc. nearly eliminating the need for paper. This will also help companies reduce mailing and paper costs up to 80% while improving tenant/resident communication and satisfaction.

MRI Vaultware’s Leasing Tablet will eliminate the paper used for printed floor plans, unit availability, and applications, allowing property managers the freedom to access all this information electronically while touring the property with prospects.

In the end, being green and conscientious about the environment will give property managers not only the peace of mind that they are helping to improve the world in which we live, but will also give their businesses “green” financial returns.

MRI’s software solutions will help enable companies to be “green” all year round, not only on March 17th!

Share your ideas on going green below!


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