Blog June 20, 2021

5 tips & tricks for a successful preventive maintenance program

One of the keys to successful facilities management is preventive maintenance (PM). Implementing proactive service inspections for the company’s assets helps your team get ahead of an unforeseen problem.

Here are five quick tips and tricks to optimize your preventive maintenance plan.

  1. Identify Preventive Maintenance Systems 
    • When beginning a preventive maintenance implementation, it’s important to remember to keep it simple. You’ll want to create a comprehensive list of your assets to identify maintenance frequency, cost of repair, and liability.
  2. Use a Standardized Naming Convention 
    • When recording these assets, efficiency is key! Use a standardized form to avoid unnecessary information.
  3. Limit Data Collection for Accuracy 
    • Avoid wasting time by making a plan before collecting your data.
  4. Photograph Equipment
    • In addition to your written data, photographing equipment serves as the visual counterpart in your PM plan.
  5. Track Asset Location
    • Recording asset location is the final step of a good PM plan. This speeds up the time it takes technicians to find each piece of equipment.

Quality assurance is all about keeping your assets in line to prevent maintenance problems down the road. This also allows you to set your team up for success.

See how pairing a preventative maintenance plan with CMMS Software brings full efficiency to your team’s processes by setting up a time with our team.

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