MRI Commercial Property Management Solutions

Delivering swift and accurate accounting, management and reporting to the commercial real estate market.

MRI Software's solutions for retail, office, industrial and mixed-use property enable you to maximize profitability on your real estate portfolio. From strategy and forecasting to tenant communication and visitor management, MRI’s software and services allow you to command and control your property holdings at every level. Smooth automation removes the need for duplicate work, while the configurable software conforms to your organization’s roles and processes.

MRI Commercial Management

The robust and meaningful data derived from Commercial Management facilitates the improved management of your assets. Our Alloy platform allows you to feel confident in the security and stability of our software architecture.

MRI Budgeting & Forecasting

Budgeting & Forecasting will show you the big picture and help guide your business decisions by providing you with vital financial information including:

  • Lease-level scenarios
  • Plan vs. actual comparisons
  • Budget planning

Revealing drilldown features can produce new insight from underlying property and financial data – insight which underlies stronger business decisions and better communication throughout your organization. Learn more »

MRI Tenant Connect

MRI Tenant Connect provides a complete end-to-end set of tenant self-help and communication features, allowing your staff to focus on running your business. With Tenant Connect, you can empower tenants to manage their:

  • Accounts, including making payments, downloading statements and entering sales data
  • Work and visitor orders, entering and reviewing maintenance histories
  • Building and tenant information, including news, calendars and other documents

Your tenants will be able to access and manage their accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, freeing your staff to focus on more strategic activities. Learn more »

MRI Workspeed

MRI Workspeed enables property owners, managers, building staff, vendors, and tenants to collaborate efficiently on a single, flexible, intuitive, rule-based platform. The patented MRI Workspeed software, which is MRI Software’s flagship property operations solution, is leveraged by more than 300,000 users in over 800 million square feet of commercial real estate. Workspeed applications allow property owners and managers to manage tenant services, preventive maintenance programs, insurance policies and visitors. – and tenants to report service issues on the fly, from their smartphones. Learn more »

MRI CM Express

Sized right for the growing owner or manager, this commercial SaaS offering includes MRI Commercial Management, Viewpoint dashboards and an implementation package to start you on the road to success.

Retail Functionality

Retail features in CM, like market leading CAM recoveries, percentage rent and projections, allow you to make intelligent decisions about the future of your retail properties. MRI Advanced Retail takes you even higher by information about national tenants and chains, retail trends, comparative sales, sales history, lease details and more.

Global offerings

Full multi-currency support throughout the Commercial offering, so that your solution can grow abroad along with your business. Local features like Australian rent reviews enable MRI to meet your needs – wherever your business is located.