Retail Lease Software Features

Space & Lease Management

Stay up-to-date on all leasing requirements including turnover rental clauses and certificates, upcoming vacancies and renewals. Decrease your vacancy levels through efficient management, thereby reducing your rental downtime.

Turnover Rental Management

Easily bill for turnover rental from underlying turnover clauses. Store the associated audited turnover figures and certificates. Clients can access and review account charges, upload turnover rentals, review statements and update their contact details though the online portal.

Facilities Management

A workflow for logging maintenance jobs, sending out requests for quotes to registered suppliers/vendors, quote acceptance, sending orders and matching invoices. Comprehensive reporting on job status and the nature of jobs, enabling you to highlight problem areas.

Automated Tenant Billing

Automatically raise fixed monthly charges and manage escalations. Easy and accurate raising of variable charges through the import of bulk variable charges, metered services and automatic apportioning of expenses.

Projections, Budgets & Financial Forecasting

Easily project contractual income from underlying lease agreements. Budget on a property level all the way down to a shop/unit level, providing accurate income and expense budgeting, forecasting and variances between actuals and budgets.

Online Portals

Tenants and clients can view and analyse transaction history, latest statements and log account and service requests. Asset Managers have access to a live dashboards providing an overview of portfolio performance, allowing full drill-down functionality, from any device.

Redefine Properties

Redefine Properties, a South African REIT, manages commercial, retail and industrial buildings. Since 2009, Redefine has utilized MRI Software to capture retail turnover, load facilities orders, and provide enhanced reporting.