Harness the business benefits of great customer engagement

Build transparent, long-lasting relationships with your communities

Save valuable time and resources using automation and self-service

Tenant Portals

Online tenant portals that integrate with your property management platforms

The world is constantly changing, and so too are your tenant expectations. They need a fast, reliable way to interact with landlords, create maintenance requests, make payments and more. With tenant portal software, you can deliver amazing experiences on a modern, easy-to-use mobile platform and harness the business benefits of great customer engagement.


Modern, convenient payment methods

Empower customers to make payments on a convenient, flexible and real-time platform.

Easy-to-use mobile maintenance reporting

Quickly respond to and resolve maintenance issues and enable effective communication.

Community and building management tools

Fingertip access to an array of tools including content management and bookings functionality.

Secure, cloud document storage

Store customer-facing documents securely and allow users to access them as you choose.

Tenant Portal Features

Self-serve payments

Agency Software

Self-serve payments

Boost your brand experience with modern, convenient payment methods that allow your tenants to self-serve.

Maintenance requests

Agency Software

Maintenance requests

Tackle the number-one reason for tenant dissatisfaction by deploying a fully integrated tenant portal solution for maintenance requests.

Document access

Agency Software

Document access

Reduce the time your team spends responding to simple queries by allowing 24/7 access to tenancy documentation and building information.

Personalised content

estate agency software

Personalised content

Optimise your engagement strategy by providing tailored, personalised content, building information and take event registrations.

Concierge service

Tenant Portals

Concierge service

Manage buildings with confidence and stay in control of visitor tracking, parcel management and room bookings with our concierge offering.

New revenue streams

Agency Software

New revenue streams

Elevate your services and customer experience by sharing offers and incentives which open new revenue streams.

Deliver amazing customer experiences with multi-purpose tenant portal software


Help you and your tenants build a modern, engaged workplace environment.


Deploy a digital-first approach to connect with tenants across a widely spread portfolio.


Promote self-service and save your customers time to focus on what truly matters.


Deliver regular updates to tenants and give them finger-tip access to key information.


Make tenant lives easier so they can focus on delivering amazing customer experiences.


Leverage technology to update leaseholders on issues, obligations and progress.


Exceed expectations by delivering first-class customer service with technology for every stage of the journey.


Develop long-lasting relationships with your communities using convenient, modern communication tools.

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