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What is a visitor management system?

Traditionally visitor management was managed manually via a check-in book or ledger at reception or the entry point. A visitor management system replaces the book and pen to digitise the management of visitors, employees, and contractors within an organisation. Visitor management software enables organisations to manage and account for every visitor, employee, and contractor from … Continued

What is the future of your real estate ecosystem?

When the pandemic struck two years ago, almost overnight, office workers switched to remote working and PropTech made the mainstream press, quickly becoming a business imperative. Once the real estate industry overcame the initial disruption and became comfortable mobilising teams to work remotely, attention turned to mitigating future costs and driving efficiencies, with the main … Continued

The changing landscape of retail real estate

The concept of ‘reinvention’ seems to be on everyone’s lips across many disciplines, many sectors, and many organisations, due to the global economy and business landscape evolving. Global challenges pile pressure on organisations to become more innovative and find ways to create and sustain success. ‘Reinventing the workplace’, ‘reinventing real estate’, and are we now … Continued

5 types of hybrid work schedules for your business

Two years into the pandemic, businesses across North America are in various stages of returning to the office, but employees are still expressing reticence when it comes to working full time in a traditional office environment. Considering that a recent survey indicated 52% of North American workers have health concerns about reporting to the physical … Continued

Goodbye tradition, hello hybrid workforce

Say goodbye to spending 40 hours a week at the same desk… and embrace the new: the hybrid workforce. The traditional workforce served us well through the twentieth century. But with a global pandemic, things have changed – fast. The hybrid workforce is not entirely new. We’ve been doing this since the rise of digital … Continued

PropTech in 2022: 3 key trends to watch

When the pandemic struck in 2020, almost overnight, office workers switched to remote working and PropTech quickly became a business imperative. To manage the fallout of the crisis, landlords, property managers, and occupiers embraced tools that enabled COVID-safe digital interaction such as virtual tours, electronic rent payments, visitor management systems, and automated lease abstraction. When … Continued

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