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Why is commercial real estate tracking important?

While commercial real estate organisations might excel at attracting the right tenants, maximising the information in their leases, and running their businesses smoothly, they also regularly face additional challenges that can hinder their overall su

PropTech in 2022: 3 key trends to watch

When the pandemic struck in 2020, almost overnight, office workers switched to remote working and PropTech quickly became a business imperative. To manage the fallout of the crisis, landlords, property managers, and occupiers embraced tools that enab

Overcoming the hurdles of fixed asset management

Controlling fixed asset information and extracting the data needed for compliance and reporting purposes can often come with many challenges. These hurdles may be caused by a lack of a proper functioning asset management system or the need to update

MRI Software wins 2021 Stevie® Award!

MRI Software is thrilled to announce that we’ve won a Stevie® Award for the fourth time in the Large Computer Software Company of the Year category! For the past 50 years, we’ve taken pride in our ability to come together as one company with the

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