Sectional Title and Home Owners Association

Finance and accounting solutions for sectional title and home owners association management

Sectional title and home owners association management requires software that can handle the complexities of strata titled properties. Whether you are a self-managed community, controlled by an ownership group or managed by a strata manager, keeping accurate financials and up-to-date records is a fundamental responsibility.

Flexible sectional title and home owners association software can assist with the collection of levies, managing budgets and utilities across shared areas, and oversee the sinking fund so your community can operate efficiently and keep tenants happy. A cloud-based solution allows sectional title and home owners association trustees and unit owners to view statements online and track property performance at any time.

MidCity Property Group

MidCity Property Group moved to MDA roughly 8 years ago after finding common ground on the basic principles and values of their businesses. Working together with MRI Software, MidCity is able to serve its clients with the best technology, innovation, and sustainability.


  • An automated statement run is accompanied by the relevant levy roll and supporting documentation.

  • Full arrears analysis and credit control, with integrated communication tools like arrears SMS and letters.

  • A full budgeting module allows for quick contractual income projections, unit and scheme level budgeting for income and expenses.

  • Stay in compliance with sectional title scheme requirements.

  • Send out bulk communications and simultaneously recover these costs from unit owners and bodies corporate.

  • A full CRM module allows for all queries to be monitored and dealt with in the required amount of time.

  • Handle multiple cashbooks, e.g. current and savings, per scheme with automated reconciliations.

  • Online portals allow unit owners and sectional title and home owners association trustees to get copies of statements, monitor scheme performance, view documents and log CRM requests.

  • Perform effective financial management and conduct day-to-day operations for common property areas.

  • View occupancy and performance of properties through an online portal.

  • An integrated accounting system will produce financial statements per property, scheme or portfolio to help with insurance and enabling IFRS compliance.

Sectional Title and Home Owners Association

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