Get clarity

Get 100% visibility and understanding of your energy consumption, trends, and anomalies.

Drive change

Inspire and inform with dashboards that engage with actionable insights and alerts.

Use less energy

Reduce consumption and achieve energy goals to keep your business moving forward.

esight energy management software

Don't let energy costs put your business at risk

Profits could go up in smoke if your energy consumption isn’t carefully monitored, controlled, and reduced. The problem is getting complete visibility of energy consumption and a clear line of sight to reduced usage. Managing energy data, leveraging it to drive change, and tracking progress is a huge undertaking. Where do you start? Is there a solution that’s a good fit for your business? Do you have the resource to implement it? How much will it cost?

Cost-effective, easy-to-use energy management software for every business

Drive down energy costs with the eSight energy management platform

Energy Management Software

Hardware independent

Import and export data from a wide range of disparate systems and formats to provide a single data store for analysis.

lease accounting software

Multilingual and multi-currency

Centralise and manage global data from one central system with eSight’s multilingual, multi-currency capabilities.

Energy Management Software

Customisable and web-based

Choose from a wide range of web-based tools to suit your energy management project. Customise to reflect your corporate style.

Our Clients

Powerful, AI-driven tools to help you realise your energy goals


Property occupiers

Drive down energy costs - now one of the largest occupancy costs. All aligned with meeting sustainability goals, shareholder, and stakeholder demands.

Real estate owners & investors

Drive down operating costs on buildings and support energy usage reduction, in-line with Net Zero pledges. Includes specialist features for billing tenants.

FM contractors & managing agents

Add new service lines for energy management to retain and win new contracts with cutting edge technology.


A powerful analytics engine combined with carbon reporting capabilities, dashboarding, and the ease of proving savings go hand in hand with managing clients' end-to-end utility microgrid requirements.


Designed to combat the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) challenges of energy intensive industrial environments manage energy, our software helps meet carbon reporting requirements and cost reduction targets.


Provides all the tools you need to identify, monitor, and maintain energy savings within manufacturing processes and building/laboratory management.

Food & Drink

From energy intensity and carbon emission mandates through to the differing challenges across global site locations, there are many areas to tackle in this sector. With good energy management and increased efficiency managed through eSight, consumption can be significantly reduced and have a huge positive impact on your bottom line.


We understand the brewing process and the energy intensive stages within it. From the brewhouse to the cooling and packaging stages, the ability to identify efficiencies in these high consuming areas can have a huge impact on cost reduction.

Aerospace & Automotive

eSight provides a comprehensive and proven solution to manage, monitor, and reduce energy consumption in these sectors.

3 steps to control energy consumption with MRI eSight energy management software

1. Book a demo

Tell us the challenges you want to solve and we'll show you how how eSight works.

2. Get a customised platform

We'll build the solution you need to meet your energy management goals.

3. Reduce energy costs

Leverage your energy management data to drive change and reduce consumption.

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