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Use your Power Wisely: Save Time and Money on Energy

Energy Management

Are spiralling energy prices hacking away at your profitability?  

Do you verify that your utility bills match your energy consumption?  

Can you highlight actionable ways for your workforce to reduce costs? 

What does it mean for your business if you lose access to power? 

Join industry experts Andy Birch, Nicholas Frank, and Richard Smith, as they discussed the energy-related challenges facing today’s real estate organisations and how clients such as Carlsberg leveraged PropTech to overcome them. 

During this webinar, we covered: 

  • How utilising PropTech can support sustainability and monitor energy consumption  
  • MRI Energy’s ability to establish full visibility of energy cost drivers, optimise reporting, ensure compliance, and ultimately drive savings 
  • How organisations have successfully leveraged MRI Energy for their energy maintenance needs 

Your panellists: 

  • Andy Birch – VP Product Marketing, MRI 
  • Nicholas Frank, Marketing Director, MRI 
  • Richard Smith – Senior Sales Director, MRI Energy

In an age of ever-increasing energy prices, potential cost savings could be greater than you think. 

Ditch the ‘what can we switch off?’ mentality and understand how real cost savings can be made.  

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