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Jawitz Properties drive efficiencies and are ready for the future with MRI Property Central

Jawitz Properties is a property management company with a portfolio totalling roughly 700 tenants and unit owners. With multiple offices across South Africa, they manage a mixture of residential, body corporate, and commercial properties.

Putting customer service at the centre of the business, the team at Jawitz Properties are always looking for new ways to drive efficiencies within their processes and allow their agents and team members to focus more time and resource on delivering excellent service.

Business Challenge

Jawitz were managing their portfolio using PropAcc Property Management Software, however, with a growing portfolio comprising a mixture of property and contract types, the team needed to migrate their system for increased functionality.

The finance team were finding that their current property management system lacked the required functionality to manage different property types efficiently, and lots of time was being spent setting up accounts when new properties were added to the portfolio.


The decision was made to migrate from PropAcc Property Management to MRI Property Central. As PropAcc is a part of the MRI family of products, the team at Jawitz Properties were already familiar with MRI’s open and connected ethos and the high levels of support they could expect from the MRI team. The move was a natural one, with a minimal selection process.

A straightforward migration

With the assistance of their colleagues at PropAcc, the MRI team, working with Jawitz Properties, were able to complete the migration in a time period of just over 3 months. They were able to extract the master data from the old system, refine it based on Jawitz’s requirements, and convert it into an MRI Property Central database.

The team at Jawitz Properties were able to send their first statements from MRI Property Central in October 2020 for November rentals, and the project was closed off early December.

The migration process was very easy and Alex from MRI helped us very well.

– Wilandé Moolman, Financial Administrator at Jawitz Properties.

Improved data quality

As part of the migration process, the team at Jawitz had the opportunity to undertake a data cleansing process, whereby only relevant data was transferred to the new system. This also meant that the team could check for missing data, ensure consistency across data entry systems, and confirm that all fields were populated correctly. This meant that the data being used with the new system could be verified as accurate, meaning fewer errors, more complete records, and overall more efficient processes.

Joined up working

With MRI Property Central, all of the different property types can be managed from a single database, meaning that the team at Jawitz Properties can work more efficiently across the whole portfolio. With a more streamlined system, less time is spent switching between different systems or programmes, with no need for duplicate data input, meaning not only a more efficient process, but more accurate data, too.

We recently acquired a new body corporate property with 30 units. With the old system, setting these up would have taken 2 days. With MRI Property Central it only took half a day!

– Wilandé Moolman, Financial Administrator at Jawitz Properties.

Fast and efficient contract loading

With almost 700 properties, contract management for the team at Jawitz Properties can be time consuming. With MRI Property Central, the processes behind loading, managing, and referring to contracts are simplified, allowing the team at Jawitz to focus their time on providing excellent service to customers, rather than lengthy and inefficient processes.

Support and training

The team at Jawitz Properties were furnished with a range of notes and training materials, as well as in-person training from the MRI team to enable them to get the most out of the system. This included how to create custom reports for relaying information to owners and tenants, as well as helping to iron out any teething problems and adapting the system to Jawitz’s preferred way of working.

Future ready

With the increased functionality of MRI Property Central, the team at Jawitz can rest assured that they are ready for future growth and new developments, thanks to MRI’s constant work to develop and innovate to meet customers needs.

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