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Lunch ‘n’ Learn – Using Technology to Take the Stress Out of Your Construction Project

The day-to-day work of your real estate business requires stable and frictionless processes to maintain efficiencies and compliance. This is achieved by automating processes, using technology, and controlling data inputs and outputs. It is imperative that the solutions you employ to assist in taking control of your financials and property management are connected, flexible, and open to integration to make implementation and operation easy. In this series, we will explore how the open and connected ecosystem, which includes MRI Software and partner solutions, empowers you and your team and overcome challenges and get the job done.

Planning a large-scale construction project can lead to many challenges. Having the right technology to reduce operational risk, track spending, and manage general contracting is of the utmost importance. During this session, we’ll be joined by Procore, who can assist in all the project management needs. Join us to learn how how Procore can take your development business to new heights and keep you ready for whatever challenges may come your way.

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