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Transform your procurement strategy with the right technology

Proactis enables digital trade for all, by helping organisations around the world to control 100% of their spend. MRI clients use Proactis to revolutionize their Source-to-Pay processes, saving them money and creating efficiency gains, all while increasing compliance and reducing risk.

From sourcing projects, contract management and procurement transactions to supplier collaboration and automated invoice processing, our integrated spend management solutions streamline and control all purchasing and spend.

By the Numbers

Source-to-Contract (S2C)

Procurement is a critical function, touching every part of a business and the supporting supply chain. An effective procurement strategy, combined with the right technology and processes will deliver significant value to the business, helping to reduce costs, increase compliance, mitigate risk, and free up resource.

Proactis transforms all aspects of the Source-to-Contract process through effective sourcing, proactive supplier management and contract management, and efficient content management via our marketplace. These solutions can be delivered together or as individual modules, underpinned by true collaboration through the Proactis Supplier Network.

Accounts Payable (AP) Automation

An efficient and effective Accounts Payable function supports an organisation’s cashflow and helps build healthy supplier relationships. With Proactis AP Automation, you can capture all incoming invoices (paper, emailed PDFs, XML) and efficiently transform them into optimised eInvoices – resolving invoice queries, validating their accuracy by checking for a valid PO, duplicates and a valid supplier, and enabling efficient invoice matching/approval in your MRI system.

Choose to run the process yourself or take advantage of the Proactis fully managed service where all invoices are made 100% electronic, cleansed and available for matching/approval or prematching query resolution within 48 hours.

Purchase-to-Pay (P2P)

After payroll, the biggest source of cost in most organisations is the procurement of expense items, outside services and capital items needed to support day-to-day operations.

With Proactis Purchase-to-Pay (P2P), you can begin to control and simplify the entire buying process – from initial request through to payment for good/services received – whilst ensuring complete compliance with all procurement policies, authorisation hierarchies and appropriate financial controls. Proactis P2P sits at the heart of your operating systems landscape to provide full visibility, and control of all key end-to-end spend processes.