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Capital Project Control Software

Effective expenditure management demands complete control of cash flow, budgets and projects from start to finish. Our project cost control system ensures commitments and expenditures are recorded at every stage against budgets for both capital and expense projects.

Financial details associated with such transactions as purchase orders, invoices, credit notes, journals and accruals are automatically updated in real time to provide current position against budget.  Individual transactions can be assigned to specific WIP assets or split across a number of items and defined at project, order or invoice level.

Why implement capital project control software?

Control over cash flows

Gaining control of cash flows, budgets and projects from start to finish, allows better visibility of how resources are allocated within a business.

Audit trail for asset creation

Ability to build WIP assets by accumulating spend and allocating to assets directly, gives an auditable view of what transactions made up an item.

Informed decision making

Reports can be created and tailored to specific business metrics and needs and then used to make informed business decisions.

Approvals processing

Having an approvals process for authorising, allocating, committing and spending, ensures control of budgets, projects and schemes at each step.

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