What AI technologies does MRI use?
Our products, services and platform use all types of AI technology to drive automation, efficient workflows, and confident decision-making.

Natural Language Processing

For handling any text that is written or spoken, for example in contracts and forms

Computer Vision

Used in object detection and facial recognition

Machine Learning and Data

Anything to do with structured data stored in databases

Generative AI

ChatGPT and similar Large Language Models (LLMs)

Real-world benefits of AI-first PropTech

MRI Forms Intelligence
AI for real estate - Ask Agora

Ask Agora

Ask questions, get answers. 

Ask Agora is a dynamic, AI-driven search capability that enables users to find the information they need without having to know exact terms or field names. Building on MRI’s AI-first strategy, Ask Agora uses generative AI capabilities and natural language processing queries to serve users the right data from their records.

The leader in AI-powered PropTech

AI is in
our DNA

AI for real estate
AI isn’t an afterthought – MRI has been investing in AI long before ChatGPT became a buzzword. The MRI Agora platform is developed with an AI-first approach, and we have more AI products than any other PropTech provider.

AI-first design

AI for real estate
Our AI-powered products and services harness the power of AI to drive innovation, while ensuring the technology is used in a way that benefits all stakeholders and upholds the highest ethical standards.

without limits

AI for real estate
Don’t let your software provider limit your ability to grow. MRI’s AI-powered, scalable technology platform is designed to adapt as your needs evolve, empowering you to run your business without limits.

MRI's responsible AI framework



We make sure that the AI technologies we create and use are under human supervision and that the scientists, developers, and product teams are held accountable for what we create with AI and what we use it for.

Fair and inclusive

Fair and inclusive

We will avoid bias in the datasets and AI models that we create and use and make sure that it does not affect people adversely across cultures, societies, and demographics.



As we build AI into products, we will be able to explain how the data, outputs, and decisions from the models are used and rendered.

Reliable and safe

Reliable and safe

We will ensure that our AI products function consistently and without causing any harm.

Privacy and security

Privacy and security

We will protect user privacy, as well as security of the data and the applications in building these AI-based products.

AI at MRI Software

AI Real Estate FAQs

Why is MRI all-in on AI?

What is the value of AI for real estate?

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