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What is a visitor management system?

Traditionally visitor management was managed manually via a check-in book or ledger at reception or the entry point. A visitor management system replaces the book and pen to digitise the management of visitors, employees, and contractors within an organisation. Visitor management software enables organisations to manage and account for every visitor, employee, and contractor from … Continued

What is a Rent Roll? Meaning, Guide & Checklist

Purchasing investment properties can be a risky venture when you don’t have all the information to hand. Details can be missed, and you could end up buying a building that’s more trouble than it’s worth – with high delays in rent payments and the frequent, costly maintenance required to avoid tenants suing for safety issues. … Continued

The changing landscape of retail real estate

The concept of ‘reinvention’ seems to be on everyone’s lips across many disciplines, many sectors, and many organisations, due to the global economy and business landscape evolving. Global challenges pile pressure on organisations to become more innovative and find ways to create and sustain success. ‘Reinventing the workplace’, ‘reinventing real estate’, and are we now … Continued

IFRS 16 – Knowing your Leases 101

Welcome to the first in our series of IFRS 16 ‘101’ blogs, aimed at guiding you through the preparation required to successfully transition to IFRS 16 lease accounting in time for 1st April 2022. In this blog, we will focus on the importance of extracting, collating, and analysing your lease data and how this initial step … Continued

Goodbye tradition, hello hybrid workforce

Say goodbye to spending 40 hours a week at the same desk… and embrace the new: the hybrid workforce. The traditional workforce served us well through the twentieth century. But with a global pandemic, things have changed – fast. The hybrid workforce is not entirely new. We’ve been doing this since the rise of digital … Continued

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