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Key reasons why residential property management is more profitable with the right technology stack

Property management software is transforming the way investors are able to manage their private residential portfolios. In this SlideShare presentation we explore the key benefits and how the right technology can have a direct positive impact on the bottom line. Attracted by long-term cash flows, more and more investors are looking to develop their private … Continued

How to use tech to create a full house

“Best service is no more than a mouse click away.” Today’s generation of rental residents know what they want and are prepared to pay for the right accommodation and services. But to achieve those standards, residential property managers and investors must understand that their assets are more than numbers on a spreadsheet; in order to … Continued

Nine impacts of mobility and connectivity improvements in residential block and estate management

Every week there are new stories about the wonders of internet connectivity and the ‘Internet of Things’. In residential property management, the advances are making a dramatic difference to people’s lives. Here are nine ways that the latest mobility and connectivity technology has improved conditions for block managers, leaseholders and residents. One: Improved property management … Continued

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