lease accounting software

Ensure compliance using software specially designed to manage your real estate and equipment leases

Our lease accounting software has always operated to ensure compliance with core accounting and financial reporting regulations, including IAS 17 and the new IFRS 16 standards. This means that by using our software, businesses can automate calculations that are otherwise time-consuming, prone to error and difficult to audit in a spreadsheet or separate software approach. Designed as an open information system, the calculated values can be interfaced through to corporate accounting systems to avoid manual journal creation. In addition, fields have been added that capture discount rates, assumed end dates of the lease (taking into account break clauses and extensions, plus comments to satisfy auditors as to why this date has been chosen), incentives, costs and dilapidations.

Lease Accounting Software Features

Time saving calculations

Automatic recalculations and associated balance sheet adjustments when leasing events require it, such as extensions and terminations.

Automated Alerts

Alert functionality for notifications when critical information changes. Finance can also be notified when a new lease is under negotiation.

Comprehensive reporting

New disclosure reports providing details of right-of-use assets, interest, amortisation, cash flow and weighted terms.

What if scenarios

Scenario modelling of new leases to aid decision-making when considering the impact of new contracts on the balance sheet.

lease accounting software


  • A single source for all current, newly signed and planned leases, including lease terms, financials and potential changes.

  • Handle AASB 16 and IFRS 16 calculations simultaneously.

  • Run lease classification tests.

  • Ensure data is captured at source, eliminating the need for multiple entries.

  • Easily import revised lease abstracts to ensure the accuracy of information.

  • Model scenarios for full and modified retrospective leases, and see what impact these have on the balance sheet.

  • Easily generate lease capitalisation and disclosure reports.

  • Management of transitional rules.

  • Management of landlord incentives, impairments and dilapidation provisions.

  • API allows easy integration to corporate ERP for lease payment and receivables.

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