Contract Intelligence

Uncover insights hidden in your contracts with Artificial Intelligence

Contracts are at the heart of every business. However, complex contracts paired with tedious, manual processes make it difficult to track and monitor critical terms and obligations. MRI Contract Intelligence, powered by Leverton AI, will automate the data extraction and contract review process, helping you to reduce the risk of costly revenue leakage and gain valuable insights hidden in documents.

Our machine learning and optical character recognition solution has been trained on thousands of document types and is a powerful engine capable of processing contracts and extracting data at a faster rate and with greater accuracy than the manual alternative.



Innovative AI and OCR Technology

Powered by a patented, proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine, MRI Contract Intelligence converts contracts into machine-readable text.

Efficient Data Extraction

Leverage AI to extract key dates, dollars, clauses, and other critical terms and information, plus you'll have direct links to the source information in the document.

Smart Contract Analytics

Search by folder, keyword, or structured data format, or create reminders, calendars of critical dates, and custom reports for your team to drive additional insights from your data.

End-to-End Single Experience and Integration

Data can be exported into Excel / CSV or integrated directly to MRI Commercial Management, ProLease, Horizon, or other third-party DMS, ERP, or BI systems via API to consume your data within your preferred target system.

Contract Intelligence


  • Eliminate error-prone manual data aggregation and identify data discrepancies

  • Make more informed, accurate, and data-driven decisions by utilising source-based data rather than conjecture or stale information

  • Speed up mundane data extraction processes by 50-75%, enabling your employees to spend more time doing strategic, high-value tasks

  • Identify opportunities for cost savings and increased earnings that would otherwise go unnoticed

  • Access accurate and consistent data with a complete audit trail to source information

  • Get complete and always up-to-date data in your target system with an end-to-end solution

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