Fixed Asset Auditing Software - Why implement fixed asset auditing?

Why implement fixed asset auditing?

MRI’s comprehensive data capture and asset tracking systems transform the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the asset audit. Combining hand-held devices with a central asset register, organisations can track asset location and status with minimal cost and resources, streamlining compliance and imposing control over the asset base.

What can fixed asset auditing do for your organisation?

Protect against lost or stolen assets

Improve asset history

Improve lifecycle planning

Enhance the accuracy of financial records

The benefits of fixed asset auditing and tracking

  • Provides ability to perform both live and offline audits.

  • Enables items to be flagged as located, transferred or missing for event creation.

  • Exploits real time access to asset descriptions and analysis codes.

  • Provides an accurate reference to ensure that the appropriate level of insurance is in place, which in turn avoids the overpayment of insurance premiums.

  • Affords the facility to refresh asset statuses and condition.

  • Provides information concerning location history, condition, asset issue, asset returns, maintenance and disposals.

  • Enables effective asset reallocation to minimise unnecessary purchases.

  • Enables stored files and documents, such as photographs, emails, purchase orders etc, to be linked to asset records.

Mobile Asset Tracking App

MRI’s mobile asset tracking application is supported by the latest technology and is available for use on iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, etc. Designed for simplicity and utilising existing mobile devices within your organisation, the asset tracking solution is available to download via the App store or Google Play. Search for Track5000s.

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