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Jennifer Aaron Real Estate : Delighting customers

Jennifer Aaron

Jennifer Aaron runs a small boutique Real Estate Agency in Sydney’s Inner West. Jennifer’s approach with selling and managing properties has always been about inspiring and delighting clients. She talks to us about her experience using MRI Property Tree in ensuring she stays true to her vision.

To Jennifer, maintaining a boutique agency allows her to provide an exceptionally high level of service. “I want to ensure that my clients’ experience is based on a time when promises are kept, exceptional service and privacy are paramount and strong results are delivered.” she says.

Only working with an auctioneer as part of the team, Jennifer basically runs a one woman show when it comes to the property management side of the business. And despite having a relatively smaller rent roll, Jennifer still needed a system that will enable her to manage
properties more efficiently and keep operations running smoothly.

“I was looking for property management software as my current systems were outdated and inefficient. After speaking to my trust accountant and several people in the industry they all recommended MRI Property Tree.

“I was familiar with MRI and its products, but I wasn’t sure if I needed a software solution as my agency is boutique. I got to the stage where I knew I needed to improve my property management systems and Property Tree seemed like the right solution for my business.”

Working with MRI Property Tree

Jennifer knew she made the right decision with Property Tree, noticing the dramatic improvements in her business once she implemented the software. “MRI Property Tree has simplified my business processes and drastically improved my businesses productivity, I’m saving about 10 hours per month,” Jennifer says. As a cloud-based software, MRI Property Tree has also positively changed the way Jennifer worked, making her tasks easier to complete compared to before. “I can use Property Tree when I’m on the run and update information from any place, anytime. As the software is online, it’s easy to reconcile every day, which makes
invoicing a much faster and efficient process for my landlords.”

“It has freed me up to do a lot of other things in the sales side of my business. MRI Property Tree has automated a lot of processes, it saves me so much time. Property Tree has made property management so easy and effortless for me.”

Guaranteed exceptional customer service

For Jennifer, the greatest measure of success lies in the genuine gratitude of her clients, shown through repeat business, recommendations and referrals. To ensure she always keeps her clients happy with her service, Jennifer believes in establishing lasting relationships based on integrity and honest and accessible communication. With MRI Property Tree, Jennifer is able to stay true to her philosophy that keeps clients coming back for her services. “My clients love it. The invoices and information provided are far more detailed than I was providing before. Clients now receive copies of all invoices relating to their property, which I can seamlessly email to them. This improves the quality of their personal records and they’ve given me great feedback.”

The MRI difference

Changing software systems can be a daunting affair, especially if you’re new to using a property management software as was the case of Jennifer. “I initially struggled using Property Tree as I had never used property management software before,” she says. “But the help from MRI’s support team was invaluable.” “As I am a small agency all of my suppliers become part of my team, and their support is fundamental to the success of my business. Overall the experience has been nothing but positive, I would highly recommend MRI Property Tree, I couldn’t ask for better customer service.”

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