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Gary Peer : Saving time for what matters most

Gary Peer

Known for their comprehensive knowledge of Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs, every member of the Gary Peer team stakes their personal reputation on delivering a truly exceptional real estate experience. Jenny Caughey, Office Manager, speaks about how MRI File Smart has helped the business grow and enabled the team to provide an even higher level of service. Working in an industry that relies heavily on documentation, the team at Gary Peer used to have problems in storing tons of files as well as locating documents quickly. “Duplicate copies of documents were being kept by different teams so we were running out of storage space quickly,” Jenny says.

With recurring document storage issues plus a growing portfolio, the team decided it was time to invest in a Document Management System (DMS) that will help them
organise and store all their files.

Choosing MRI File Smart

When it comes to choosing which DMS will work for their business needs, the business found a perfect fit with MRI File Smart. “File Smart was a natural choice for us as it links to MRI Rest Professional. When we first began looking into MRI Rest Professional as a software option we looked at MRI File Smart as an additional bonus at the same time. The choice was
simple and the upgrade experience was also reasonably easy. “Our biggest challenge was getting our heads around the software but after sending the team to training, everyone was happy and on board very quickly.” MRI’s dedication to product knowledge made a significant impact on the team’s experience when it was time to implement File Smart in their office.

“Everybody we’ve ever spoken to at MRI about File Smart or Rest Professional has been fantastic,” says Jenny. “Training has been fantastic, we’ve created great relationships with trainers and consultants who have made it really easy for us to get the answers we need when we need them.

Better productivity, better customer service

Jenny says that since they have been using MRI File Smart, they have become more efficient with their operations and processes, allowing them to provide better services to their clients. “Having everything in one place has improved our business dramatically, it’s easier to find documents and saves the entire team time and energy. The service to our clients has been improved with File Smart as it allows us to respond much more quickly. Filing and retrieving documents for clients can now be done with the click of a button, another click and it’s emailed to them.”

MRI File Smart’s electronic communications have also improved the company’s communication workflow, giving the team the tools they need for automation. Jenny shares, “Our accounts team now send out the Christmas closure notice at the click of a button where once they would have been folding individual letters to stuff envelopes with! MRI File Smart has given our property managers their time back and as a property manager, time it is their most precious commodity.”

Time saving solution with integration

Aside from making it easy to manage and organise files, the time-saving benefits that comes with integrating MRI File Smart with MRI Rest Professional has made a world of difference for the team at Gary Peer.

“The whole program has changed our business. We can scan invoices and File Smart picks up the barcodes. We previously had to enter around 15,000 invoices a quarter, so File Smart has reduced this process to just minutes and has saved us a day and a half at least.

“We have one veteran of the industry in our office who has always been completely anti software programs and MRI File Smart has changed the way he works, he maintains it’s the best thing we’ve ever done across the entire history of the business and recommends it to everyone.”

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