Upcoming changes that will sprout some happiness

October is nearing its closing hours, the sunblock is stocked up and the lawns are being mowed. There’s definitely a breath of fresh air floating around as we spring into another month of action.

Important Notice

Please note, we have discovered a loophole that could potentially create issues when archiving a user from a database.

To avoid any issues, we suggest that you archive the user without removing their email address beforehand. If the email address in use is a generic address that is likely to be used by a new staff member i.e admin@yourteam.nz then simply send a support query to our team when you add the new staff member and we can help clean the email affiliation.

Unfortunately, we’ve identified this issue too late to include in our next release, but we realise the urgency behind this and will endeavour to release the changes in November.

Palace Roadmap Survey

In the year 2023, we want to bring the best user experience possible and that can only be achieved by talking to everyone who uses Palace on a daily basis. Join us for an informal customer interview, group discussions and more! Where you can tell us what will really make a difference for you, your team or the industry as a whole. Please fill out the Palace Roadmap Qualifier Survey to be part of the movement!

We appreciate those who took the time to take the Palace Roadmap Survey already to be part of the next steps in the Palace journey.

You can also bring your ideas to the table on the User Voice Platform (accessible from within Palace), here you can add your ideas to improve Palace and upvote good ideas. If your idea is not gaining a lot of traction, put an exclamation mark behind it. Listen to our ideas, celebrate with joy or shut it down, all feedback and opinions are welcome.

Daisy me rollin’, they hatin’

Holiday Bookings & Custom Alerts

It is a September to remember when we unleashed two releases into the wild.

The long-anticipated first iteration of our Holidays features and even more long-awaited Alerts update.

You now have the ability to manage Holiday Bookings, making life easier to hold guest information, receipt funds and pay your owner, all equipped with a newly updated holiday statement.

We brought back our voting feature in the form of User Voice, where one of the long-standing requested features was related to ‘Alerts’. You now have the option to display Alerts in Custom Views next to an Owner, Property or Tenant, you can also merge fields for Alerts making things easier to generate a custom report to identify who has an Alert in place, in one easy space.

Missed out on all the fun? Don’t worry, as always you can refer to our announcements page where you can find all the details behind our historic releases… And if you’re lucky, you might just catch an early glimpse at our upcoming release notes.

Turning a new leaf on another month

Two releases in one month was no easy feat and yet, we’re at it again!

Showing no signs of slowing things down anytime soon, we have a back-to-back release set for October.

Maintenance Plus is hitting the Palace screens this month – A one-stop shop for all your maintenance needs, plugged right into Palace, meaning you don’t need to open up another tab and manage two different platforms as they’ll be merged into one screen. Could Maintenance Plus be a solution for you? Find out how you can save time with integrated maintenance management. Register for the Maintenance Plus in Palace Webinar on Nov 7, 11 am.

We keep the momentum going with the good ole $2 bag of mixed lollies – I mean who doesn’t love a good $2 bag of mixed lollies, right? In the mix, we’ve got an update to our Rent Arrears graph in the user dashboard, improvements to the creation of Pending Charges, updates to the Auto Key Code Generator and more! Go ahead and check out our release notes for the October release.

Last, bud not least

Social Housing & More!

Keeping with the theme of numéro Deux, we’ve only got two more months in 2022!

Pretty crazy to think about how fast this year has gone by – Don’t worry though, we plan to finish things off with a Bang! December tends to be our quieter release as we all prep to go off on holiday mode, however, November is a release you don’t want to miss!

After the success of our Holidays feature, we thought, what else could we do that would really make an impact? What could start the journey of bringing communities a bit closer within Palace? – Ding-Dong, Social Housing entered the chat!

For November, we kick off the first of many releases to cater to our Social Housing module in Palace. This time, we’re taking a slightly different approach to a large project, instead of releasing it all in one go, we’re making iterative releases, making small but impactful changes on a monthly basis.

Social Housing, not your thing? Well, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the rest of the core product 😉 Bringing back the Rent Calculator, automatically removing a Keepback when invoices/charges are deleted, Tenant names displaying in the Work Order email, Option to include the original attachments to a tenant for invoices processed outside of Doc Flow, and so much more!

On-Demand Webinar

Webinar: Secure Sign for Palace

Make signing real estate documents easier than ever with MRI Secure Sign. Manage all your lease agreements, contracts, and other documents through one, easy-to-use solution. Learn how you can: Meet deadlines faster with online signature management. …

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