MRI Software announces Maintenance Plus for Palace property management agency customers across New Zealand

Property Managers save time with integrated maintenance management

Auckland, New Zealand – 23 September 2022 MRI Software, a global leader in real estate software, has announced Maintenance Plus is now an integral part of MRI Palace, New Zealand’s leading Property Management software. The well-respected property maintenance platform is designed to meet the needs of property managers, service providers, owners, and tenants so is a natural fit with Palace which MRI Software acquired last year.

With this comprehensive integration of Maintenance Plus, property managers can use the advanced property maintenance solution to save time with maintenance management from one platform rather than switching between different apps and software. The AI-powered (Artificial Intelligence) mobile capabilities also mean property managers can organise maintenance when an issue is first noted on-site at an inspection, for example, choosing verified service providers from a map to book a job in real-time and track status on the go.

“Property maintenance can be a time-consuming task. From facilitating maintenance requests to coordinating between owners, tenants and service providers, and all transactions in between – our clients tell us it can feel like an endless to-do list happening all at once, taking up to 60 percent of their day,” reflects Josh Symons, Director and Industry Principal for MRI Software in New Zealand and Australia.

Key benefits of integrating Maintenance Plus with MRI Palace include:

1. All property maintenance tasks from one platform
Maintenance Plus is deeply integrated with Palace which means agents can manage all maintenance tasks with one sign-in to one place, rather than switching between apps and software. Full integration means real-time data syncing of properties, owners, tenants, property managers, and service providers in the same MRI Palace interface.

2. Automates workflow and manual tasks
Maintenance Plus automates traditionally manual tasks such as invoicing, job tracking and status updates, and makes following up with service providers fast and intuitive via the desktop or mobile app. Maintenance Plus also manages maintenance requests, tasks, and schedules from start to finish for simple to complex workflows.

3. Open and connected
MRI Software is committed to creating an ecosystem of open and connected property technology (PropTech) solutions so agencies have the freedom to choose whatever combination suits their particular needs best. MRI Palace with Maintenance Plus also integrates with preferred inspection solutions including Inspection Manager, Inspections Express and soon the Palace inspection app.

4. Multi-channel tenant maintenance requests
Tenants can submit maintenance requests via their favourite social media channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, SMS, automated email or QR code. They have access to a fully customisable troubleshooting guide designed to reduce the number of touch points. All these interactions are available as multilingual with conversion into English for the property manager. Property managers are also able to send owner approval, not only via email but also via SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

5. Extended network of service providers
Different maintenance jobs call for different kinds of service contractors. Property managers can upload their own contacts to Maintenance Plus as well as choose from a marketplace of registered and verified service providers shown on a geo-qualified map of their area.

6. Mobile application
In addition to the desktop application, Maintenance Plus also has a mobile app, an AI-powered assistant for the property manager to be constantly updated on tasks and enabled to solve issues on the go. There’s also a mobile app made for tenants, owners, and service providers – creating an integrated communication ecosystem.

About MRI Software

MRI Software is a leading provider of real estate software solutions that transform the way communities live, work and play. MRI’s open and connected, AI-first platform empowers owners, operators and occupiers in commercial and residential property organizations to innovate in rapidly changing markets. MRI has been a trailblazer in the PropTech industry for over five decades, serving more than two million users worldwide. Through innovative solutions and a rich partner ecosystem, MRI gives real estate companies the freedom to realize their vision of building thriving communities and stronger businesses. MRI became one of the first real estate software providers to serve Australia and New Zealand in 1995 and has since further strengthened its commitment to the region with the acquisitions of Rockend, WhosOnLocation, Box+Dice, Palace and PropertySuite. For more information, visit

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