Spring into success; our May update is here from the Palace Product Team

As the temperature begins to plummet, the winter blues settle in, casting a chilly shadow upon us.

But amidst this descent, there’s something else that’s dropping – our eagerly awaited Palace updates, ready to captivate and enchant!

April delights: experience enhanced efficiency

We have eagerly implemented one of the most highly requested features from our User Voice Portal: Entity Counts. They now dynamically update based on permissions. This remarkable change offers a much more precise overview, displaying the accurate number of owners, properties, or tenants on your screen, tailored to your specific system permissions.

We proudly unveiled ‘Invoice Automate,’ a cutting-edge solution that revolutionises your invoicing experience, streamlining and enhancing every aspect. Additionally, we meticulously fine-tuned the Bank Approval process and showered the Holidays feature with the tender love and care it deserves.

If you happened to miss any of these pivotal updates, fear not! Dive into our product updates page, where you can catch up on all our advancements and stay in the loop.

Spring into action with our upcoming updates!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the brand-new electronic signature solution, MRI Secure Sign, right here within Palace. Get ready to experience the convenience and efficiency of electronic signatures for all your property management documents, coming to a screen near you this May.

In addition to this exciting development, our Community Housing team has been hard at work crafting a remarkable new feature: the Support Agency functionality. Now you have the power to effortlessly create and connect agencies to properties and tenants, further enhancing your management capabilities.

But wait, there’s more! As you may have come to expect, I always have something else up my sleeve. 😉 In the upcoming months, we will be dedicating ourselves to the ambitious task of building a cutting-edge Owner and Tenant portal. Stay tuned as we ramp up our efforts to deliver an unparalleled experience for both owners and tenants alike.

May the property management force be with you!

Before we embark on the exciting journey of portal development, we are taking the time to conduct a series of customer interviews, which will serve as invaluable guidance for this project. In the past few weeks, we have conducted a number of these interviews. The insights gathered have been nothing short of remarkable, and we are immensely grateful for our incredible advisory board, whose unwavering support and expertise have been instrumental in helping us score that winning basket.

If you’re reading this now and you desire to be part of this magical process, fear not! It’s never too late to join in. Simply reach out to our support team here, expressing your interest in becoming a part of our advisory board. Our dedicated product team will be eagerly awaiting your request, ready to connect and collaborate with you on this exciting journey. Together, let’s create something extraordinary!

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