News May 5, 2022

MRI Palace Invoice Flow

Email your invoices to MRI Palace & Invoice Flow will automatically assign them to the correct properties.

Palace Invoice Flow is the new AI solution for invoice automation. It enables you to automate the manual mundane tasks of data entry so you have time to focus on higher-value work. It is a highly accurate data extraction add-on in Palace to help your property management business work smarter.

Palace Invoice Flow is the next generation of Document Flow, it can process any pdf invoice, even the invoices without bar codes. Invoice Flow automatically extracts information from the invoice and assigns it to the correct property and supplier. Filling in: the expense code, invoice date, due date & amount.

Save time and money while improving productivity and job satisfaction for your staff.

Why Use Invoice Flow?

Why Use Invoice Flow

Invoice Flow Vs Document Flow

Already using Document Flow? Document Flow will continue to work and be developed, but Invoice Flow is so much more. Document Flow only reads barcodes, so only those council or water invoices can be read. Invoice Flow will read all pdf invoices, including the ones from smaller suppliers, like your local maintenance contractors.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Easy as 123


Invoice Flow Pricing

Invoice Data Extracted

Invoice Flow will automatically extract and populate in Palace:

Invoice Data Extracted

Dedicated Email Address

Register your dedicated email address with Palace, so that Invoice Flow recognises your company. Set this email address up to forward all mail to Palace, all your staff need to do is send the pdf invoices to your dedicated email address, it will get forwarded to us and the invoices will automatically get processed by Invoice Flow.

This way you don’t need to worry about any staff changes, your 1 dedicated email address will always work.

Work Smarter with Invoice Automation so you can save time and money while improving productivity and job satisfaction for staff.

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