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Palace Support Tech Tip

“Why is my invoice not downloading to Palace via Document flow?”

A good area to check is the Approval Log in the Document flow area as at times another user may have approved and processed the invoice. This log will report on the who and when this was done.

Another option is to check the system Change Log, found under System, System reports. As in this area you will be able to see if the invoice was deleted.

An Update on our Support Team

We had 3 support staff leave us at the end of last year and the start of this year for maternity leave which had left a big gap in our team, we especially miss their knowledge of the Palace products.

The mums and babies are doing well. We had a lovely visit last week and were able to catch up and got to see the little ones as well.

Natalie (left), Sneha (middle) and Courtney (right)

Some of the team were lucky enough to cuddle the little ones, Iqbal and Mandy (pictured below).

With the ladies on maternity leave, we employed new support staff to assist in the support team. Training had begun to upskill the new recruits and while the team are in training, it has slowed the response time of support queries. We thank you for your support and patience while we get the new team up to speed.

Meet the Team

Hi all,

My name is Harriet, but most people refer to me as ‘the girl with dreadlocks’ or Harri. You will only know me as a person behind the phone or computer, so let me introduce myself.

I became part of the MRI Palace Support Team in August last year, wanting to gain knowledge and experience in the Property Management industry. Since then, I have learned and grown in many ways by investigating your everyday queries, and I look forward to increasing my skills throughout the year.

I am located just out of Upper Hutt in the rural area of Whiteman’s Valley and have recently started renting my own little barn. But most weekends I drive to visit my mum and brother who live out in Ngawi, a small remote fishing village which has more seals than people!

My passions include (but are not limited to) being an aunty to my beautiful niece and nephew, buying lots of indoor plants, walking my doggie Meg, painting, playing guitar, singing and creating anything macramé. You could say I am quite an arty person in my spare time and love anything that gets the creative juices flowing!

In 2022 I will be turning 20 so this is a very exciting year for me as I step into my adulthood. I am looking forward to working with you all and making the most of every opportunity this year brings.

Harriet Reed, Support Agent

In-app notifications

Palace has introduced in-app notifications over the last few months.

Some messages will appear as on-screen pop-ups while others are in various areas in the software known as badges.
These badges are in the form of a white question mark in a green circle.
Clicking this badge will give you additional information relating to where it is located.

An example of an active badge is under the Financial tab and next to Month-end. This badge gives you options for video and article links.

The information in the badges is updated often and may disappear in time or may be seen by specific users only.

Our Knowledgebase is constantly being updated to assist you in your query. Give it a go. Browse through the article library as you may find a solution either in written form or as part of a webinar or recorded video. If you are not able to find the answer there our Palace Support heroes are here to help.

Feedback on the Support Team

Some great feedback was received this past month:

happy face Angie:

I am a new Palace user and have been helped very well by your help team several times in the last month – quickly and effortlessly – Thank you.

happy face Kirsten:

Harriett was wonderful helping me with our template mail merge and went out of her way to write me an email afterwards covering all we had discussed on the phone. She wrote easy to read notes for me to follow for next time. Thanks Harriett.

happy face Pauline:

I can truly say I have never had a bad experience with any of the support staff. They are all very helpful and Remi was no exception. She resolved my little problem very easily. Thanks heaps.

We encourage everyone to always review our service and send feedback messages as this helps us to better assist our clients. Should there be something that was missed or something that we could do better we enjoy hearing from you.

sad face Julia:

It took a wee while to hear back from support.

There are occasions when the ticket queue grows and some of the queries require additional research and assistance from different departments. In cases like those, the response time can be delayed. With some of the support agents on maternity leave, we do have a gap in knowledge as the new staff are getting up to speed with the products.

With the introduction of our in-app notifications and our knowledgebase articles being updated and added there may be a solution for you while you wait for a response or before you raise a support request.

Accessing our knowledgebase is easy within Palace. On the left-hand side menu, there is an Updates and Training button. This will take you to our knowledgebase where you will find information regarding training, newsletters, and a search area to browse for articles related to your query.

If our newsletters are not being received kindly click here to be placed on the newsletter list.

Response Times

The wait time to answer requests has climbed to a high of 86% of requests being responded to within 30 minutes. Our support desk operates within New Zealand trading hours with support for our Australian clients as well.

On-Demand Webinar

Webinar: Secure Sign for Palace

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