Mandy’s June Update | Palace

Message from the Desk of Mandy

Wow, the weather has certainly turned cold over the last few days! So I hope you are staying warm.

The last month has raced by and here I am again writing to you all again.

What has happened: for those that use Invoice Flow, you will be aware that our supplier had an issue with some of the matching, which took a few days for them to sort, but it has been sorted now. Thank you for your patience.

The June release is due out shortly so make sure you read all the notes carefully, we have nearly finished all the performance updates now, so we can get back to our product road map.

We have been working on an integration with Hostaway for our Holiday clients plus a new Holiday tab in the Property and this is starting to look great.  We also try hard to have small feature improvements in every release.

Planning on the automation for Inspection and Rent Increase reminders has started and this is on our roadmap this year. Owner Portal was put on hold during the performance updates, which is now back on the radar.

I will be back on the road soon and contacting clients to catch up so watch this space, it is also conference time in NZ, so I’ll be attending a few conferences, so hope to see some of you.

Our support team are all back on board now after illnesses, let’s hope it stays that way.

We have a new trainer called Leo Chen who has joined Rosie in our Internal Training Team and we have two external trainers as well, so if you need any training please reach out.

Nick and I will be reaching out via phone calls over the next couple of months with a few opportunities, more to come on this.

Meanwhile, please reach out if you need anything or want to know anything.

Keep warm,

Mandy Welch, General Manager MRI Palace 


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