Mandy’s February Update | Palace

The year has really started with a bang and time is just flying by. Last Thursday, at Palace we released our first performance enhancement, this will improve the loading time for the Current Properties list and the Property edit screen. We are busy working on other parts now.

We also released a change to our Bond Payments to make life easier for Bond Services. Now when you receive a bond payment, you will attach your Bond Lodgement form to Palace, then when you do a bond payment, it will automatically send out all bond forms with the remittance direct to the Bond Services team, making life easier for them and you.

What’s more, a very exciting new development is the adoption of an in-app software called Pendo. This enables us to contact you with important updates, directly into Palace, so you receive them when you log in. Now, you won’t miss anything important. What it also will do for us in the future, is allow us to put helpful hints and links to help files and videos, right beside a feature. It will show like a ? and you click on the ? for hints and help. We are very excited about this.

A couple of years ago we introduced Account Managers to be assigned to clients but this changed when MRI took over, we are pleased to announce that this is coming back into play so more on that later. 

Last year, David Faulkner and I recorded a series of small sessions covering the RTA and Palace, we are releasing those sessions each fortnight, so look out for them. They are called ‘Coffee Pods’, so have a coffee and a listen. Nothing is longer than 6 mins. 

I am hoping to hit the road towards the middle of the year to drop in and catch up with as many of you as I can.

In the meantime, any concerns please reach out to me.


Mandy Welch, General Manager MRI Palace 


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