June Updates from Palace

It’s a Winterful time

New month, check! Scarf, gloves and Oodie, triple check! New Palace release… c’mon, you already know that’s a given. No Ju-lies around here when we say our releases are coming in so hot, they’re almost un-brr-lieveable!

Walking in a winter pun-derland

Somehow we’re halfway through the year already. A bit crazy to think we’ll all be prepping for Christmas very soon! With everything moving by so fast, it’s easy to miss and look past what’s happened in the month that was. So let’s take a trip down memory lane and recap on what went down in the month of May.

One of our smaller releases in recent times, but we still managed to make some impactful improvements. We implemented some stabilisation behind the Document Flow area, introduced the lazy loading concept on our property tabs and updated our advertising log workflow just to name a few changes from last month. In case you were on the go and missed these updates, please make sure you check out our release notes

We’re season the day!

This month we had a smaller timeframe to work on our monthly release, but don’t worry that doesn’t mean we’re short on improvements and updates.

For June, we look to release updates to our Tenancy & Supplier lists, helping these load a bit faster than they already are. We now display the ‘’title’’ from an inspection report in the main diary list, which should make it easier to find a specific inspection for a property. Key numbers, once checked out will now display on your Work Orders when they are emailed out to your suppliers and we have a new ‘’Process Today’’ functionality for your online files. This function will bundle up all your payments and refunds and give you the ability to create one ‘master’ online file to process through the bank. For a bit more detail on each of the above-mentioned items, plus more hidden gems, please feel free to check out our upcoming release notes.

But wait, there’s more. For a very long time, we’ve been asked the golden question ‘Android or Apple’ when it comes to our inspection app. Whilst the two platforms are definitely different to each other and each have their own pros and cons, our inspection app on each platform has been different to each other for many years. Well this month, that changes. We’ve re-designed the Palace Liquid Inspection app on our android platform, so that it looks exactly like our iOS version.

This will help with future in-app developments and overall training and troubleshooting for your staff and ours. We aim to drop this change later this month, however, this could be bumped over to July depending on testing – As you can imagine, there is a lot to test with a re-design and we want to make sure everything is checked off before we pull the trigger on the update.

Halfway through June already? Julying

A lot of action going on in the middle of the year! As always though, too much to do with not enough time to complete it. Rest assured, we are going full force with our work on the Holidays feature, although we may see that delivery date change a little bit. For our dedicated readers, you would’ve caught a sneaky preview in my article last month and for some, you would’ve got the chance to have a closer look during our webinar this month earlier in the month.

Still, quite a bit to work on in relation to the reporting, the integration between us and Hostaway will be locked in this week so that side can get started and we should be away, ready to test in the coming weeks. Stay tuned as I will always keep you all up to date with all the most up-to-date news on this release and the many more to come.

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