News September 6, 2021

Have Alert Levels 3 & 4 had your clients complaining about higher power bills?

With your clients spending more time at home working, baking, watching TV, doing extra housework and keeping warm, they all would have seen a jump in their power bills. This is of course normal when usage increases, but if they’re on the wrong rate, it might be unusually high.

Fast Connect offers a free power comparison service that you can offer your tenants and landlords during this difficult time. All they need is a recent bill to compare, to check rates and usage at their address and compare that to the best provider in their area. Even if their rates are comparable to other providers, by switching they may be entitled to a new customer credit of up to $200 to help them get through the next couple of months.

Keen to tell your tenants? Download Fast Connect’s email template here, and input your company name.

It’s also never been harder to be a landlord in NZ, so why not offer this service to them as well. Get in touch with Fast Connect for a branded flyer that you can send to your landlords.

If you’re not registered with Fast Connect but would like to offer this service to your clients, contact Sophie and she’ll get you registered.
phone: 0800 88 55 88

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