A Mistle-Toast to the Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to sit back and take a much-needed breather after one heck of a year! Time to switch out the work hat for a Santa hat, open up some bubbles and unwrap the goodness that is the Christmas holiday period. Before we get there though, the Palace sleigh machine has a final stop to close out the year, so grab your cookies and milk and dive in to see what we have to offer this month.

You snow the drill

Taking a quick trip down memory lane into November. We introduced the ability to create and duplicate inspections within a property diary, especially handy if Santa doesn’t have plans to drop off a new expensive mobile device this year. We didn’t stop there though, as we made updates to a range of reports along the way. Missed the update? Don’t worry, you can catch up on everything from the month that was in our November Release Notes.

The final sleigh

It’s endgame month for us, as we prep things for our last release of the year. This month we close things out starting with our last requirement updates for our Healthy Homes tab and ending with adjusting our inspection report to accommodate formatting changes for an electronic signature. Trust there are more goodies in our Santa sack, but you’ll have to dive in and find out more for yourself by previewing our December Release Notes.

A mistletoe-ken of our appreciation.

With a lot of changes this year, it’s been a crazy ride, not only for us at Palace but also for you, our clients. We cannot express our gratitude enough for how much we appreciate you all coming along with us on this journey of updates, changes and most of all we appreciate your patience and loyalty to our team.

Our goal has always been to be the best Property Management Software in New Zealand with an unbeatable product, that not only has all the bells and whistles to drive the system but also has the passion and heart to look out for what’s best for our highest priority – Our Clients.

In saying this, we do acknowledge that every business grows and with that, we have things like portfolio sizes getting bigger, transaction lists getting longer and processes can get a little bit trickier. With business booming it’s only fitting that the system that drives the beast is right there with you, giving you the tools to tame that beast. In the first half of next year, you will notice our updates will slow right down with feature implementations, as we bench the shiny and new for a more in-depth focus on performance.

A high level look into the performance of our reports service will kick things off, followed by various other areas that will improve your experience with the system, such as the Document Flow process, general navigation and more. Whilst we could continue to bring out new and exciting features, they’re really no good to you if the system takes minutes to load a page. We know how crazy things can be as a property manager and we want our system to be in ‘on the go mode’ with you. Don’t worry, we still anticipate releasing some high-level improvements and have things like Hostaway, Valocity & an update to the Bond Payment process included in this roadmap.

To start 2022 the right way, we will be heavily focusing on the performance of Palace to ensure we ride through the year in the smoothest way possible.

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