News June 20, 2017

Qube Global Software Partners with Data Visualisation Expert OMNILINK | 20 June 2017

This news story relates to Qube Global Software, one of our previous brands. For more information please read the press release.

Qube Global Software has teamed up with property data management company OMNILINK – adding another industry specialist to its growing Qube Connect Partner Programme, aimed at delivering unrivalled service within the marketplace.

The new collaboration means OMNILINK’s AssetWhere™ platform can now be integrated directly with Qube’s Planet solution, allowing property and facilities managers to visualise key information on a user-friendly map-based system.

Qube Planet is used by leading organisations and contractors to manage their mobile workforce and FM operations. With the best app functionality in the market seamlessly linked to a comprehensive and highly flexible CAFM suite, it creates one data set and one source of the truth.

OMNILINK builds on these capabilities by offering a powerful browser-based database visualisation that quickly and efficiently demonstrates key details that don’t sit naturally in an information management function, a notable example being underground or hidden services.

Its AssetWhere™ solution provides a central source to record this type of data and gives staff or contractors accurate and up-to-date information on building, asset and service locations. The combination saves significant time and expense, and generates a compliance trail – crucial when dealing with health and safety processes.

A complete user experience has become increasingly important in the industry, and the partnership and the increased functionality has the potential to provide significant added value for both OMNILINK and Qube’s customer base.

Paul Manning, Sales Director at Qube Global Software, said: “Through the expanding Qube Connect Partner Programme we are able to harness the best technology for our customers, and a relationship with OMNILINK achieves exactly that. Integrating its map-based solution with Qube Planet will give property managers increased visibility and knowledge of their estates, saving considerable time and cost.”

Philip Caunter, Director at OMNILINK, said: “OMNILINK has a long-standing presence in Australia and New Zealand, and we’re delighted to partner with Qube as we increase our UK operations. The focus now is to add value for Qube’s many customers and offer a function that has genuine tangible benefits; by incorporating a visual component within the Planet product we believe that’s exactly what can be achieved.”


About Qube Global Software

Qube Global Software is a leading supplier of property and facilities management software throughout the world. Over the last 40 years it has helped thousands of clients, ranging from small investors through to global corporations, manage every aspect of their property portfolios. Its products can bring increased revenue and efficiency, reduced costs and full access to vital information for every sector of the property industry.


OMNILINK is a successful property and location data management company, which has provided enterprise data management and integration services to clients for over 28 years. The company has developed specific expertise and skills in the acquisition, collation and management of data for government, education, healthcare and business. OMNILINK has offices across Australia and New Zealand, and is now working with new customers in the United Kingdom.

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