Plan ahead for the Golden Thread – the critical role of technology for residential property managers

The Golden Thread

Take your residential enterprise into tomorrow

With the current pressures around leasehold, you’ve got the tough job of keeping customers constantly updated. And you need to offer transparency, clarity and empathy at all times.

It’s a lot to handle, especially when you have to maintain focus on growing your business. As the technology of choice for block managers, we’re continually evolving our solutions to help you meet these ever-increasing demands.

That means you can stay current and keep your customers in the know, utilising innovative platforms to support your requirements today, tomorrow and beyond.

In this ebook, we explore how technology can provide a robust foundation for block managers to navigate your safety and compliance requirements:

  1. The operational challenges faced by your teams
  2. The critical role of technology for your business
  3. Practical ways technology can support you now
  4. Planning ahead for an ever-evolving landspace

Within these sections, we discuss the short- and long-term impacts of the Building Safety Bill and the intended Golden Thread of information – and how these will be managed by owners, landlords and property managers in the residential sector. That’s followed by analysis of the role digital solutions are playing now, and will play as we move into the future.

There are also five in-depth video interviews included. In each, we hear the views of industry experts on the challenges the sector faces around building safety, the resident voice and the golden thread.

Complete the form, download our new publication and explore how technology can be utilised to better support your safety and compliance strategies and provide transparency for your customers.

Why MRI? Our widely used block management platform offers the depth of functionality and latest innovations that can help you take control of your operations, mitigate risks and provide transparency to the customers you serve. It’s why we’re a trusted partner to more than 70 ARMA members and hundreds of recognised names in the housing sector.

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