Our cloud based letting agency software is designed to make the day to day running of your business as smooth as possible, so you can maximise engagement and increase revenue.

As a 100% cloud based platform, the system is accessible anytime and anywhere, empowering your team to carry out tasks on the go.


  • Action history recorded for future reference. Referencing details and tenancy verification procedures to allow authorised staff to vet information entered at branch level before tenancy goes live.

  • Full financial records, with the ability to view all transactions on demand.

  • Maintain one central view of your portfolio across all branches and staff, keeping contacts, correspondence, tasks, tenancies and sales in a single location.

  • A prospective tenant can be linked to a property and a new let created. This automatically generates events in the diary based on the parameters set when the software is configured.

  • Unlimited progression notes and other details can be fully recorded against records.

  • Tenancy summary page and tenancy file front cover sheet can be produced from the system.

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