Market your properties

Residential managers can attract enquirers, showcase properties and turn prospects into residents more quickly by syndicating listings to local Internet Listing Service websites.

Digitise your operations

Improve cash flow for your property management business by allowing prospects and residents to pay security deposits and holding payments via online portals.

Integrate with Platform X

Built on Platform X, MRI Residential Management integrates with financials, reporting and analytics software to give you a comprehensive property accounting and finance solution.

Attract and retain high-quality residents with a comprehensive residential management solution

MRI Residential Management offers a proven solution for build-to-rent operators to attract and retain residents and view all levels of the property portfolio. Powerful proptech tools allow you to deliver higher service levels to residents, provide more digital amenities and make rent payments easier.

With the open and connected approach of MRI's Platform X platform, you can be prepared to meet the changing needs of the digital economy. Today's renters expect to search for their next residence from their mobile phone. Our comprehensive real estate technology was designed to give your organisation the freedom to take control and attract new opportunities, plus integrate accounting and property management so your staff can manage all aspects of your portfolio.


  • Track resident and property information utilising the regional currency code and international date formats.

  • Residential managers have the flexibility to adjust the monthly rent due dates for any tenant.

  • Calculate prorations on an annual or monthly basis depending on the needs of your organisation.

  • Automate the management of multi-year lettings with step-ups that increase rent annually.

  • Set break clauses in advance if a resident is allowed to break a lease without penalty after a specified amount of time.

  • Streamline rent collection with common banking and then disperse the funds into the proper accounts afterwards.

[Webinar] Attract, onboard & engage: Tools for end-to-end residential management

MRI Software’s Residential Management solution offers a proven track record of supporting build-to-rent operators to attract and retain residents, while also being able to provide one source of truth for property data. Watch the webinar to find out more.

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