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Asset Modelling - Complete visibility into the current and future performance of your properties

Complete visibility into the current and future performance of your properties

With our proven real estate Asset Modelling software, you have the freedom and flexibility to analyse and enhance your portfolio performance – for today and for the future. From a centralised and validated set of data, you can harness powerful tech to analyse, monitor and forecast the current, near- and long-term state of your assets. You can view performance at any level you require, and use the information to model and forecast valuations while reporting trends, evaluating key metrics and identifying variances. Scenario-modelling also keeps you ahead of changing market conditions so you can minimise risk.

Leveraging data-driven analyses to anticipate and optimise the performance of individual financial assets, offering crucial insights for well-informed decision-making.

Manage risk

Leverage data and technology to manage strategic risk and exposure with on-demand access to actionable data.

Anticipate market changes

Leverage sensitivity scenarios at property or portfolio levels to anticipate and analyse market and tenancy changes.

Forecast current and future state

Make informed decisions about the future of your portfolios with visibility into property attributes, valuations and trends.

System Integration

Integrate with your property management and accounting systems for access to the most recent information from a single data repository.

Streamlined asset modelling that works for you

  • Provide full visibility into property attributes, valuations and trends.

  • Layer on debt and forecast information to provide a complete picture.

  • Blend historical financials with forecasted revenue and CAPEX and OPEX projections.

  • Eliminate inaccuracies with robust import processes and a single-source database.

  • Inspire complete confidence thanks to an executive-level report library as standard – with customisation available to suit your unique requirements.


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