Housing Asset Management

Total housing asset management designed to revolutionise how your stock is managed

The social housing sector brings with it a wide range of complex compliance, legal and auditing requirements which can be hard to manage across multiple systems. Our housing asset management software brings everything you need to meet these requirements. It manages strategic planning and provides full active asset management functionality whilst also ensuring effective day-to-day management and maintenance. Your housing stock data is used throughout the software to help you report and make decisions based on the current and predicted performance.

Housing Asset Management

Built with compliance in mind

Our solution is made up of a range of specialist modules which cover: Location, Surveys, Energy, Asbestos, Servicing, Task Management, HHSRS, Projects, Options Appraisal and Fixed Assets. The new Task Management module has been built with compliance in mind. The user dashboard allows direct processing of tasks automatically generated from trigger events such as a follow up from a fire risk assessment, an upcoming service/inspection or an expired asbestos survey. Actions available for each task include raising repair jobs, and sending letters/emails. As a result, customers are less likely to have compliance issues.


Complete Compliance

Manage risk, regulations and auditing requirements with a range of dedicated compliance modules.

A strategic view

Use scenario modelling to make ‘what-if’ projections for your housing stock based on social and financial factors.

Single View

All data is updated across all modules and any integrations into housing management systems so teams are always up-to-date.

Project Management

Offering a range of tools needed for the successful management and delivery of each stage of your projects.

Lease Flow


  • A range of integrations are available which pass data to and from your housing management, finance, DLO, CRM, EDM and contractor systems.

  • Access our mobile asset management solution via a web browser using any internet-enabled device to complete a range of surveys and inspections. Data is synced back into MRI Housing Asset Management so that your team is always up to date.

  • Stock performance appraisal provides both NPV and points-based assessments from one property up to the whole stock. Investment planning, disposal strategy and the evaluation of alternative future scenarios, can all be undertaken within the system.

  • Full compliance management, including MOT style servicing which means the original expiry date of a safety check is retained when servicing is carried out early, removing any gradual shortening of the service cycle. Task Management helps ensure your compliance is up to date and provides a full audit trail of follow up actions.

  • Energy scenario modelling allows the evaluation of energy improvement options, including funding options.

  • Modules are interconnected, ensuring updates are reflected everywhere required. Importantly, completed works will automatically update the component and servicing data whether originating from the Projects module or from repairs system job completions.

Modules to help you minimise risk and ensure compliance


Stores all core property and hierarchy data with full housing system integration for properties and occupants. Unlimited user-defined attributes. Assets & Liabilities Register data includes valuations, loans, land registry, easements, covenants and head lease details.


Complete component lifecycle management including unlimited survey templates of any type (e.g. Condition Surveys, Fire Risk Assessments). Data can be updated from Asset Mobile, data loading, work completions and through systems integration. Decent Homes/SHQS/WHQS. Produces planned work programmes, including detailed what-if scenario modelling and can trigger follow up actions through Task Management.


Vital for carbon reduction planning. Generates energy ratings and recommendations from RdSAP data. Retrieves Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) data, results and recommendations. Scenario modelling for packages. Sava Intelligent Energy integration.


Keeping a detailed history of inspections, removals and other actions, it has been designed to help customers ensure they are compliant with Asbestos legislation (e.g. HSG264). Generates priority and material assessment scores, re-inspection dates and actions. Integrated with housing systems to provide warnings. Contractor portal includes viewing of risks, photographs and documents.


Servicing & inspection of any appliance/location, such as gas appliances, water systems (legionella), electrical testing, FRAs, etc. Comprehensive details are stored including servicing frequency requirements, service history and service contract. Includes MOT style servicing automatic job creation through the repairs.

Task Management

Fully auditable management of tasks automatically triggered and assigned to users from multiple data change points across all modules, driven from a user dashboard. Actions available for tasks include creation of repairs system jobs, letters and emails. Tasks can automatically complete through changes to the source data.


Created to manage compliance with the Housing Health and Safety Regulations. Uses likelihood and spread of harm to create scores for each hazard. Can set defaults from national averages for property types. Links to Decent Homes/WHQS.


Complete management of planned maintenance & development projects across all stages of work from initial concept to completion. Full contract administration, budget setting and monitoring with cashflow and finance system integration for orders and invoices.

Options Appraisal

A full active asset management module generating net present values (NPV) & social impact scores from a series of user defined income, expenditure & points scoring factors to assess property performance. Allows you to create detailed “what-if” scenarios to compare alternative outcomes.

Fixed Assets

Generate & maintain the net book value of your housing stock & components as well as handling depreciation, grant amortisation & finance system integration. Includes full transaction history, handling of disposals (including shared ownership staircasing).

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