As an investor or property manager you need to optimise your property transaction processes to ensure your business is operating efficiently. MRI Horizon (formerly Qube Horizon) enables you to manage your business processes in structured workflows, with proactive alerts easing management activities.


  • Never miss a key activity, date or event with alerter functionality such as lease expiry dates and options to break.

  • Capture, monitor and control the workflow of business processes.

  • Create templates mapping out specific tasks required to negotiate a lease or other tracked business process.

  • Add new business processes and update and amend workflows quickly and easily as your requirements change.

  • Monitor the performance of third parties and highlight any bottlenecks in your processes by tracking tasks against forecasts.

  • Ensure all key documentation is captured by storing documents and templates against any tasks.

  • Assign tasks to individuals or groups of users.

  • Automatically escalate tasks to management and others as appropriate.

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