The future of FM on World Facilities Management Day

Wednesday 10th May 2023 marks World Facilities Management Day. It’s a day to recognise the often-overlooked contributions of people involved in facilities management and maintenance around the world, at a time when the job has never been so challenging.

The FM industry accounts for around 7.5% of the total UK GDP and is expected to be valued at over £52billion by 2026. However, its contribution is often hidden in the background – FM is, after all, a sector which should be almost invisible when done well.

To mark World Facilities Management Day, MRI Software is encouraging FM professionals to have their say about the challenges of their role and the future of their industry, by taking part in its inaugural Voice of the Facilities Manager survey.

In return, three lucky respondents will have the chance of winning £150 worth of Amazon vouchers. Click here to take part in the VoFM survey.

The FM sector has faced multiple once-in-a-lifetime challenges since 2020

It’s been tough few years for FM practitioners, as global economic and political shifts have led to fundamental changes in the way we all live, work and play.

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven significant changes in how we use workspaces. Facilities managers are having to adapt their practices to suit today’s more flexible building usage requirements, from hot desking and flexi office space to mixed-use and hybrid developments. Hygiene and wellbeing also remain high on the agenda even as the immediate impact of the pandemic eases, meaning that cleaning, air quality and maintenance have never been so important.

Increased energy costs as a result of the war in Ukraine, along with an ever-increasing focus on sustainability, have elevated energy efficiency to a board-level discussion topic. Increasingly stringent compliance and ESG requirements also continue to put pressure on FM professionals, both in terms of their day-to-day tasks and the data and records they maintain.

Recruitment also remains a challenge since Brexit, with many organisations struggling to find or retain the employees they need to meet all these demands.

Technology is a lifeline – but only if it’s used the right way

With ever more responsibilities being placed upon increasingly stretched teams, it’s never been more important to ensure that FM departments have the support and tools they need to thrive. Digital technology is the first port of call for many FM teams hoping to streamline their operations and maximise performance, with innovations like Internet of Things sensors offering the potential to more effectively deploy resources, unlock new energy efficiency savings and reduce costs.

For many in the FM space, however, the perceived complexity and high cost of implementing new technologies can seem overwhelming, and keeping up with the latest technology trends can feel like just one more job on a never-ending to-do list.

At MRI Software we regularly speak to facilities management teams about the realities they face when trying to select and implement the best technology for their needs, and we understand that it’s far from a straightforward process. That’s why we’re launching our new Voice of the Facilities Manager report, to gather data on the challenges faced by FM professionals and offer actionable insights into how these can be addressed, and the role of technology could play in this process.

Have your say: take part in the Voice of the Facilities Manager survey

MRI Software’s Voice of the Facilities Manager survey aims to shine a light on the challenges faced by FM professionals, as well as the approaches they’re leveraging to meet those challenges.

By taking a deep dive into the realities faced by FM teams, from the aspects of their role they find most fulfilling to the technology they’re using to support them in their roles, MRI Software aims to uncover insights that could help drive the future direction of the sector.

James Massey, Managing Director for Facilities Management at MRI Software, explained why the VoFM survey is so important:

“It is key to our success, and therefore the success of our customers, that we make sure we and our products remain not only relevant but also truly enabling – if we don’t give a voice to customers then we become a closed shop which is certainly not what we want to be.”

MRI Software is inviting facilities management professionals to share their thoughts and insights in the inaugural Voice of the Facilities Manager survey. The results will be collated and published later in the year as the MRI Software Voice of the Facilities Manager report, with actionable insights to help facilities managers achieve their objectives.

Click here to take part in the VoFM survey.

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