4 benefits of cloud migration for real estate firms

Commercial and residential real estate firms have undergone a digital transformation over the past few years, and when the pandemic forced many to social distance and work from home, that transformation was dramatically accelerated.

Even with return to office discussions underway, work will likely not look the same as it did before, and neither should your business operations and data practices. By implementing cloud services for your real estate business, you can mitigate both risk and cost while preparing for future growth. Here are just a few of the many benefits of cloud migration for commercial real estate firms.

Remote access

This past year has proven that not only can businesses maintain productivity in a work from home environment – some employees thrive in this environment. As organisations everywhere are looking towards what the office of the future will look like, your system’s accessibility or lack thereof shouldn’t have to be a driving force in deciding what’s best for your company or its employees. Cloud services can allow you and your employees to securely access your data and applications from anywhere.

Stay at ease and up to date

Some real estate organisations prefer to house their technology and data on their own servers, but this choice comes with its own set of risks and costs to the business. With cloud services, your staff can focus on tasks that drive value to the business instead of doing double duty as tech experts. Through cloud services, you can ensure that all employees are using the most up-to-date version of software, simplifying the support process and enabling you to maintain consistency across your business.


As your real estate firm takes on new properties, projects, and staff, cloud-based solutions will give your business the flexibility it needs to grow. Many real estate companies end up migrating to the cloud only after they’ve outgrown existing systems and reached a point where the business can’t pursue new opportunities. A proactive cloud migration will ensure that your firm’s growth won’t be limited by inflexible technology.

Dedicated help

Using cloud services also offloads the responsibility of having to support servers, software and data backups to the organisation you choose as your provider. With the help of dedicated IT support and a toll-free help desk, you’ll receive fast, efficient and effective client services. In addition to dedicated support, you can also work with your provider to develop reports and distribution guidelines that adapt to the way you do business.

Businesses across the real estate industry are pivoting to the digital environment and shaping the future of the office. With MRI Cloud Services, your organization can prepare for tomorrow and implement solutions that work for you, whether you’re at home, in the office or anywhere else. Learn more about how Cloud Services and other digital solutions can benefit your business.

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