MRI Expands its Vast Network of ILS Partnerships with Nestigator

MRI Software’s flexible apartment reservation system facilitates content management and reservation feature integrations with the fast-paced online rental marketplace.

Cleveland, OH – MRI Software, an industry-leading provider of award-winning property management, accounting and marketing software, announced the recent addition of the popular online rental marketplace, Nestigator, to its growing list of Internet Listing Services (ILS) that are integrated with MRI’s Market Connect. With the ability to enhance advertisements via the solution’s content management and reservation capabilities on more than 20 high-quality online advertising sources, the Market Connect solution empowers apartment hunters to begin the leasing process online, when and where it’s convenient for them.

Nestigator connects property owners and managers with apartment seekers in a transparent and convenient way. As a personalized recommendation engine, Nestigator help users find homes that best compliments their lifestyle, tastes, and personality.

“Nestigator is pleased to partner with MRI Software and Market Connect to provide free online listing exposure to multifamily owners, operators and managers,” said Jerry Slavonia, CEO of Nestigator. “The platform aims to revolutionize real estate search with relevant local neighborhood content integrated with a comprehensive listings menu.”

“Nestigator has a unique and impressive method for matching apartment seekers with a home and neighborhood that embodies everything they are,” said Patrick Ghilani, Chief Executive Officer at MRI Software. “We are thrilled to quickly enable our clients with the joint power of MRI Market Connect and the Nestigator solution”

About MRI Software

MRI offers property management software solutions to the global real estate management and investment industries. As a leading provider of real estate enterprise software applications and hosted solutions, MRI serves the global multifamily and commercial property industries, helping them improve their bottom line and maximize their returns on their diverse business portfolios. MRI leverages its more than 40 years in business to develop long-term successful relationships with its clients. For more information, visit

About Nestigator

A home is not just four walls. It is also your favorite artisanal coffee shop on the corner, the teachers at the school down the street, the family of gnome statues in your neighbor’s yard, and even the cheerful sidewalk chalk drawings made by children over the weekend. It’s the community that shapes your experiences, triumphs, and struggles, and it’s what will ultimately shape your future.

As a personalized recommendation engine, Nestigator is getting to know the world’s billion+ homes and the neighborhoods they are a part of to help you find the one place that best complements your lifestyle, tastes and personality.

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