Streamline and automate property operations

Improve efficiencies while maintaining complete control of operations with flexible and connected property management technology

Uncover and access critical insights

Make fast, informed decisions with accurate, accessible data across your portfolio

Trust the numbers

Reduce errors and maintain accuracy with a unified source for property and financial data

MRI Property Management X - Gain confidence without compromise with a trusted foundation for your commercial property management operations

Gain confidence without compromise with a trusted foundation for your commercial property management operations

Property Management X gives you the freedom to scale your real estate business. Simplify the management of your office, industrial, and retail properties by automating complex lease calculations, including lease clauses, breakpoints, offsets, estimated payments, and recoveries.

With one centralised data repository, your property management and leasing teams will always have access to the latest tenant information. Configurable reporting and data visualisation tools let you tailor the solution for your needs, without compromising the user experience.

Be a property management hero – no desk required

Property Management X (PMX) is now available – On The Go! Available for free to all MRI Cloud clients, PMX On-The-Go gives you access to real-time key information, search details, and the ability to email or call tenants or residents all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Download PMX On The Go today

  • Take action on the go with Property Management X information at your fingertips ​
  • Freedom from your desk to engage with PMX anytime, anywhere
  • Search and gain real-time access to key information on leases, tenants or vendors

Built for your most pressing needs

Enterprise FM

Customer experience

Deliver unsurpassed service to residents, tenants, and stakeholders.

Lease insights

Intelligently mine and take action on information from your portfolios.

Property operations

Automate day-to-day repetitive and revenue-generating tasks.

Actionable reporting

Stay ahead of the curve by identifying inefficiencies and opportunities.

A flexible and connected system that evolves with you

Budgeting and Forecasting

Improve decision making with faster, more accurate budgets and forecasts.

Core Accounting

Spend less time collecting information and more time growing the business.

Job Cost

Improve efficiency and cost control with a comprehensive real estate project solution.

Fixed Asset Accounting

Automate manual processes and keep your real estate business compliant with accounting, tax, and financial reporting requirements.

MRI Property Management X - Commercial Management

Commercial Management

Enhance your portfolio performance and strategy

Property Management X for Commercial simplifies the management of your office, industrial, retail, logistics and mixed-use property portfolios. Its interoperable applications help your teams reduce overall operating costs, improve strategic planning, and automate processes at significant scale.

MRI Property Management X - MRI Agora Insights

MRI Agora Insights

Make smarter decisions with a hyper-connected real estate platform MRI Agora Insights gives you a single place to access automated insights, so you’re answering the right questions faster. Eliminate manual processes by giving your teams a more consistent experience when accessing the data they need.

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