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What are the benefits of green leases?

The real estate industry is evolving and one of the prominent trends shaping it is the adoption of sustainable practices. Green leases have emerged as a powerful tool in recent years, offering a range of benefits for both landlords and tenants. In th

What are green leases?

In the pursuit of sustainable practices and the race towards achieving net-zero targets, an instrumental tool has emerged in the real estate landscape: green leases. These contracts go beyond the conventional lease agreement, signifying a joint commi

The Benefits of Community in Real Estate

At MRI Software, we recognise the profound significance of community in real estate. The integration of community property in real estate not only serves to enhance the tangible assets but also fosters a sense of belonging and connectivity within the

What is a desk booking system?

In the dynamic landscape of modern workplaces, where the hybrid workforce has become the new normal, the concept of desk booking has gained significant prominence. A desk booking system is a solution designed to streamline and optimise the allocation

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