Leverage data

A single source for property and financial data reduces errors and maintains accuracy.

Mitigate risk

Effectively optimise return for your stakeholders and investors.

Portfolio visibility

Get a comprehensive view across all levels of your investment portfolio.

Clean data, smart investment decisions, high fives all around.

Managing investments for real estate is a daunting task in today’s ever-changing market. As more firms move toward a digital transformation, technology will play a key role in the success of the business. Whether you’re an investor, owner, operator, or manager, you need visibility and peace of mind to keep moving forward. MRI offers a comprehensive suite of real estate investment software solutions designed specifically for the industry’s unique needs. From improving your investment accounting operations to creating strategic plans, our clients rely on us to make their lives easier.

We think of your needs when we build our products, all to give you and your investors accurate data to drive informed decision-making.

How we can help

Investment Modelling

Strategic planning and analysis provides insights into the impact of trends and market shifts on your investment portfolio.

Investment Management

From deal analysis to investment reporting — we're getting you back to managing your portfolio performance and your investors, not your data.

Data Management Services

Let's get you out of "drinking from a firehose" mode and into clean, focused data for your portfolio. Actionable insights come from curated data. Our Data Management Services are secure, scalable, and just plain slick.

Investor Reporting

Give your investors accurate, up-to-date visibility into their investment portfolio.

Performance Reporting

Effectively report on the performance of your investments to streamline accounting operations and make data-informed decisions.

Investment Accounting

Automate your entire consolidated financial reporting requirements and improve operational efficiency.

Fund Management

Accurately model your portfolio and analyse scenarios in order to build your strategic plan and optimise performance.

Asset Management

Get the right tools to evaluate development plans and capital projects, maximise return potential, and forecast asset and portfolio performance.

Debt Modelling

Quick and accurate modelling helps you make better business decisions in Real Estate investment.

Portfolio Analysis

Comprehensive analysis and what if scenarios across portfolio, including attribution analysis.

Reporting & Analytics

Visualise complex data, identify trends, and make faster, more informed decisions around property management, finance, and investments.

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