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As an asset manager, confidence is key.  Effective property asset management will give you peace of mind that your data and decisions will deliver results.

Whether you require asset management at the investment or property level, MRI Software provides a solution for your needs.

With integrated asset management capabilities and access to financial models, you can easily analyse investment opportunities and identify risks. Get the right tools to evaluate development plans and capital projects, maximise return potential, and forecast asset and portfolio performance. Our Investment suite allows asset managers to easily collaborate with leasing agents to strategically maximise tenant revenue and retention.

MRI’s asset management software is fully integrated with our Financials, Investment, Property Management and Facilities Management solutions.

Featured Products

Investment Central

Store and manage data in a central repository to perform asset management and investor reporting.

Asset Modelling

Assess and model long term capital projects, assess development feasibility and perform scenarios to achieve target IRR.

Analytix Portal

With unmatched analytical capabilities, you can dynamically analyse performance and make better investment and portfolio allocation decisions.


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