Emergency management: An insurance policy for your organisation

An insurance policy is a backstop, we all have them but hopefully, we’ll never have to use them. However, it’s great to know if something should go wrong that you have the right protection in place.

Managing your organization in an emergency is no different. If you think about emergencies you and your organization have had to manage in the past they generally come out of left-field and without warning. Knowing that you are protected not only gives your organization, employees, and everyone in your duty of care peace of mind but ensures you are meeting your compliance obligations.

Why do we need emergency management software?

In the past, we may have managed an emergency situation in our workplace using pen and paper. While this, in theory, is good it does have its downfalls. What if the book that guests have signed into is forgotten as the building is evacuated? Or writing is illegible?

Or someone spills coffee over the book so you can’t read the writing?

These are all real possibilities when it comes to using a  manual emergency management system. Like your insurance policy, you can’t leave your emergency management to chance. Emergency management software is not only your insurance policy but also the way to ensure your organization can easily manage and protect those in their duty of care.

What is emergency management software?

Emergency management software allows you to remove manual processes and gives you the assurance that you can account for everyone in an emergency.

The MRI OnLocation emergency management tool OnEvac gives you central access to people presence data and enables you to quickly and easily account for everyone in the event of an emergency.

OnEvac has a number of features to streamline and automate your emergency management from creating an event to clearing zones and communicating with your team.

Evacuation event

Quickly and easily create an evacuation event, for a particular area, zone, or your whole workplace. Invite Safety Marshalls to join and help manage the event.

Verify those on-site are safe

Safety Marshalls can verify those within their zone as they evacuate. Employees can also self-verify so efforts can be focused on those who are unaccounted for.

Clear zones

Get accurate and real-time reporting as Safety Marshall’s clear zones and verify employees are safe.

SMS messaging

Send an SMS to your employees and contractors asking them to self-verify if they are safe or not.

Forum Chat

Communicate not only with other Safety Marshalls but also respond to the replies from the SMS message to make sure you can be as effective and efficient as possible with making sure everyone is safe.

Dashboard overview

An easy-to-understand and navigate overview of the event where all Safety Marshalls can see what the others are doing.

No matter the size of your organization having an emergency management system and process in place is vital. You may not need it today, or tomorrow but when an emergency situation strikes you can have the confidence that you can protect everyone in your duty of care. To learn more about OnEvac book a demo.


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